Can a doula help lower medical intervention?

February 2, 2019
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February 2, 2019 Samantha

Can a doula help lower medical intervention?

While some of us only imagine birth being pleasurable with the assistance of an epidural, there are some of us crunchy-gals who are all in for a birth without intervention.

Notice I didn’t call a birth without an epidural or cesarian birth ”drug-free” or ”natural”?

That’s because all birth is natural and if you decide to birth without intervention, your body will produce it’s own ”drugs” needed to get through the pain (oxytocin & adrenaline, just to name a few).

That said, there’s a lot of shame and pressure on both sides to deliver our babies a certain way. And to that point, I deeply believe that as women, we intuitively know what is best for us, especially when we’re empowered with knowledge.

So how do you discover what’s best for you?

A good place to start is your fear: are you more afraid of hospitals, or to feel pain? From there, you can go deeper to explore if these fears are valid and what action you’d like to take once you’ve explored them.

At the end of the day, creating a birth plan and knowing your desired outcome will prepare you for the different challenges you may encounter during birth. And when you know the evidence based research proving support can improve your experience, you’re even better!

Before I sign off, if there is ONE thing I’d encourage every women to learn if they’d like to birth without intervention, it’s breathing techniques.

Look for the next post when I share all about the different types of methods of breath you could use!

Until then, may you prosper in health and the joy of knowing your feminine strength…



Samantha lives in Austin, TX with her beautiful hapa son and forever-boyfriend, Mike Y. As a careered digital marketer and content designer, Sam found her passion for birth while working in l&d photography and having experienced her own holistic birth. Now, she's on a mission to empower women in their intuitive ability to birth babies and enter motherhood with positivity and educated confidence.

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