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We're a co-doula practice helping families create peaceful birth journeys

Samantha Marvels

HypnoBirthing Doula & Birth Educator

Samantha is a holistic birth doula, Birth Harmony Educator (couple’s centered hypnobirthing), and the co-founder of The Austin Doula. Samantha is deeply passionate about frequency medicine, nature connection, and witnessing amazing people transition into parenthood with conscious unity.

Sam found her passion for natural birth after working on a labor/delivery photography project in 2018, and further solidified her obsession with Hypnobirthing after using it for the birth of her son in 2019. She’s attended over 100+ births and is on a mission to support 10k couples in preparing both their relationship and hearts for the transformative journey of welcoming a new baby.

Nicole Siegel

Full Spectrum Doula & CSB

Nicole is a certified trauma-informed birth & postpartum doula, sex and relationship coach, pelvic bodyworker, somatic sex educator (CSB), and the founder of Body Compass.

Nicole sees birth and the transition to postpartum as an important journey for whole body, mind, and self. Her methodology for birth support expands traditional doula services to include integrative pelvic floor education & embodiment practices to create an environment that is nourishing, pleasure-filled, and easeful for you and your family.

She believes that our capacity as women to hold the power of creating life needs to be supported, massaged and stretched during the months leading up to birth; remolded and held in the tenderness of the postpartum.

With her trauma-informed, somatic, and pleasure-focused approach to birth work, Nicole supports moms in creating a deep awareness and connection to their whole bodies & selves, empowering them to find safety, vitality and confidence in their experience of pregnancy, birth, the postpartum period and beyond.

Nicole Moya

Full Spectrum Doula

Nicole is a Certified Holistic Doula and received her training from The Life of Peace Wellness Institute. She is also currently a Student Midwife and a certified Birth Assistant in Austin. She is originally from Venezuela and does speak Spanish.

Nicole began her birth journey as a yoga instructor by teaching Pre-Natal Yoga. In complete awe of birth, she enrolled in doula training in 2017 that has led her down a passionate journey. She has traveled and learned from traditional midwives, comadres, and gained permission and knowledge for this work and the medicine she shares. 

As a traditional birth companion and doula, she is here to support you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – whatever that might look for you. She is also trained in Traditional Mexican Belly Binding, Neonatal Resuscitation (NRP) and Basic Life Support (BLS, CPR, AED). 

She believes that the body is brilliantly designed, and your intuition is powerful. She stands to support and honor the whole family through this rite of passage; that is the magic of birth. 

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