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The Austin Doula is a collective of caring, skilled professionals with a mission to serve moms and their families

Marsha Stephanson

Founder of Cater to Mom & Empowered Mama Journey

Marsha is the Founder and CEO of Cater to Mom,  postpartum care subscription box. Marsha’s idea to create a care box was “birthed” out of her personal experience with postpartum depression and her desire to see other moms feel cared for in their postpartum journey.

Marsha is also the founder of Empowered Mama Journey, an organization dedicated to educating, empowering, and creating awareness of the 4th Trimester and beyond within the Austin community and surrounding areas.

You can learn more about Marsha and Cater to Mom here.

Brigette Walters

Full Spectrum Doula

Brigette is a holistic full-spectrum doula serving Austin and surrounding areas through pregnancy, birth, and beyond. Brigette trained and certified with Doula Trainings International (DTI) and is the owner and founder of Lotus & Luna LLC.  She established Lotus & Luna with the mission of providing compassionate care and guidance to empower and uplift families during this season of life.Brigette’s journey started with the pregnancy and birth of her first child, which laid the foundation for understanding the power and strength of birthing people.  Her empathetic nature and calm demeanor create a grounding environment for her clients.  She serves as an advocate and active listener, providing steadfast, unconditional support free of judgment.  She understands that every birth and parenting experience is unique, and is proud to support all birthing people on their journey, no matter the experience they have had, hope to have, or end up having.  Brigette creates a safe space that allows her clients to embrace where they are, while ensuring they have the guidance and support needed to instill confidence and promote feelings of connection and peace.Being a doula is within Brigette’s heart and soul, and through this work, her passion has grown for supporting families during the sensitive postpartum period.  She uses her expertise paired with her intuition and understanding of her clients’ wishes to provide personalized, nurturing care that helps families meet their postpartum goals.  It is her role to inform and inspire families to use their instinctive wisdom to make decisions about their baby, while showing up for each and every interaction with an unwavering, full heart.Brigette feels she has truly stepped into her purpose, and is honored to be a part of such a profoundly transformative time in the lives of birthing people.

Kerrianne Krolle

North Austin Birth Doula

Kerrianne is a holistic birth doula and holistic postpartum nutritionist serving North Austin and surrounding areas through pregnancy, birth, and into the postpartum space. She received her training through Carriage House Birth and Postpartum University. She is a mother of two children and a devoted army wife with a burning desire to transform birth for all.

Kerrianne’s journey started after the birth of her first child, which gave her a hunger to learn about a holistic lifestyle and transform birth spaces by empowering mothers and their partners through education, love, and support.

Using an evidence based birth and Hypnobirthing approach, she helps families have the unique birth experience.

Kerrianne aims to help mothers after birth with a holistic support. She is passionate about advocating for reproductive rights, Physiological birth, and caring for a birth person’s whole spirit, soul, mind, heart, and body

Julianna Carbonare

Holistic Doula + Menstrual Guide

Jules believes wholeheartedly in the intelligence of the female body. Her work is built on the philosophy that living in a woman’s body is the ultimate spiritual practice. From the way we bleed, to the way we birth, if we are open to it, we can be initiated into greater intimacy and love for ourselves.
She has worked with women as a menstrual guide and full spectrum birth doula, serving them as a well-resourced sister to hold their hands through some of life’s greatest transformational experiences. Her work as a doula specializes in home births, fully holistic care, ancestral nutrition principles, and the spiritual/emotional labor of birth. She trained under her doula mentor, Eyla Cuenca, and continues to be a part of the Eyla Cuenca doula network as well as several others.

The Easeful Moma

Parenting Support

Mariah Sage helps moms take a more relaxed + easeful approach to parenting and be the mom they want to be by drowning out the noise of advice and input, and find practical parenting strategies that align with their unique family values + family culture. Mariah supports families with preparing for conscious parenting through preconception planning, healing family dynamics + behavioral concerns, setting up family systems, and improving communication and connections in your family.

Gabriela Gonzalez, RMA

Bilingual Full Spectrum + Sibling Doula

Gabriela is a bilingual certified labor, postpartum and sibling doula. She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Wellness with a focus in complimentary and alternative medicine. Gabriela is a mother of 4 daughters and 3 bonus children, who’s mission is to bring education and understanding of all things birth+postpartum to the families she serves.
Her vision is to help moms create the village that it so desperately takes to birth children, as well as continue to encourage you throughout your transition into motherhood. With over 7 years years of experience in pediatrics, she hopes to provide encouragement through pregnancy, labor and postpartum and hold space in a gentle, safe manner for a wide variety of families on their journey through parenthood.

Parris Tiumentsev

DONA Birth Doula

Parris Tiumentsev is the mother of five children and received her doula certification from DONA international. Her passion for helping mothers through pregnancy and birth began in high school and little did she know how far that love would take her. As a student of midwifery and having had home births for four out of five of her children, she knows first hand the strength and power the female body is capable of. She knows birth is a natural process and understands this process on many levels. It is not only the birth of a baby, it is also the birth of a family. Her experience in birth is extensive and she has attended over 100 births to date. She has chosen to specialize in families experiencing high risk situations, hospital deliveries and mothers with high anxiety and sensory needs.

Her own journey into motherhood was not a smooth one and her first child was diagnosed with a serious birth defect early in her pregnancy. She is very thankful for this trying experience as it has given her a priceless understanding of what birth is like when things are slightly more than “normal.” She experienced a high risk birth, an extended NICU stay; planning for the worst, hoping for the best and going home without her baby for several months, (Who is now a healthy high school boy). She is proud to be able to offer comprehensive doula care to all mothers and families no matter the type of birth they hope for or what type of birth and journey into motherhood/fatherhood comes their way. If she could teach all mothers one thing, it would be that you absolutely cannot fail at birth. No matter how your baby comes to earth, it matters. You matter. What is important at the end of the day is that mom did what she thought was right for herself and her baby and she felt supported in her choices. That is why Parris is a doula and what drives her.

Morgan Olivarez

Certified Birth Doula & Placenta Specialist

Morgan is a Certified Birth Doula and Placenta Specialist with a simple, judgment-free approach to birth. She is passionate about helping women (and their partners) feel empowered and seen throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. Morgan’s love for birth started long before she had her own children and her introduction to birth work is rooted in Traditional Birth and Midwifery practice in Hawaii – where she lived for almost a decade prior to her moving to Austin in early 2022.

Morgan views birth as sacred and the process can be and should be safe, gentle, and beautiful. She is committed to bring peace to the birth space and to provide the families she serves with the tools to have a magical birth experience however and wherever they envision that happening. Morgan is happiest knowing that with her guidance, her clients can trust the birth process, make informed decisions, and use their voice when advocating for themselves. Above all, ensuring the mother-baby dyad is protected.

Morgan brings the best of both worlds. Her former career as a Surgical Technologist has given her the knowledge and familiarity with hospital practices/procedures and having birthed all three of her children at home, Morgan wholeheartedly believes in the undisturbed, physiological birth process. 

She believes comprehensive birth education, mentorship, and surrounding herself with people who genuinely love birth is what saved her from enduring a negative birth experience.

As Morgan continues to chase this calling of birth work, she is excited to connect with families in the Austin area where she will be living out the rest of her life.

Additional Training: Certified Placenta Expert/Encapsulation, Postpartum Support, Basic Lactation/Feeding Support, Certified Surgical Technologist, CPR/First Aid, OSHA Blood Borne Pathogens Certification, Licensed Esthetician, Essential Oils/Aromatherapy, acupressure

Jules Morlet

Birth + Newborn Photography

Birth is something you can be the most present for and have the least remembrance of.

I’ve done them all. C-Section, VBAC 1 all natural long labor, VBAC 2 all natural baby out in two hours and two pushes. I’ve seen the chaos of a hospital room and yet the peace of medical professionals, midwives and doulas. And the thing I treasure the most from each birth are the snapshots and quick iPhone captures of those blessed blurry days. Every woman should be able to look back, whether to smile, cry, heal or remember how powerful she is when bringing life into this world.
THE BIRTH  – Starting at $700
– 30 Phone Chat to ask and answer any questions in preparation for your big day
-Unlimited coverage of labor and delivery including 1 hour after birth
– 75+ Print ready images sent via Online Gallery
– 5 Images Edited within 24 hours for “Announcement
NEWBORN – $250
 – Capturing the snuggle and sleepiness of the first 48 hours is one of the most treasured gifts. Every crease and crevice of that tiny baby in a snapshot.
– Captured in your home or studio location (*additional fee)
– 50+ Print ready images sent via Online Gallery
A La Carte $175 –when added to a birth or Newborn Session
  • – Mini Maternity in your home or designated location (30 minute session)
  • – Mini “New” Family in your home or designated location (30 minute session)

Liz Baker

Craniosacral Therapist for Infants & Adults

Liz is a mother, highly sensitive person, creative visionary, and natural healer. Having overcome significant trauma along her journey, she is passionate about supporting others as they build towards optimal health, especially new moms and their babies. As a licensed massage therapist and advanced Craniosacral therapist with a broad range of modalities in her tool belt, Liz brings a wealth of knowledge, skills, and instincts to the healing table, and her sessions move you to a place of quiet stillness and wisdom deep within.
After two very different birth experiences, Liz and her children received Craniosacral therapy sessions as a means of healing from birth trauma and alleviating breastfeeding challenges. She is now fully trained in advanced CST, specializing in both babies and mamas. This therapy promotes latching, bonding, growth, and relieves pressure and tension in the baby’s body.

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