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The Austin Doula is a collective of caring, skilled professionals with a mission to serve moms and their families

Liz Baker

Craniosacral Therapist for Infants & Adults

Liz is a mother, highly sensitive person, creative visionary, and natural healer. Having overcome significant trauma along her journey, she is passionate about supporting others as they build towards optimal health, especially new moms and their babies. As a licensed massage therapist and advanced Craniosacral therapist with a broad range of modalities in her tool belt, Liz brings a wealth of knowledge, skills, and instincts to the healing table, and her sessions move you to a place of quiet stillness and wisdom deep within.
After two very different birth experiences, Liz and her children received Craniosacral therapy sessions as a means of healing from birth trauma and alleviating breastfeeding challenges. She is now fully trained in advanced CST, specializing in both babies and mamas. This therapy promotes latching, bonding, growth, and relieves pressure and tension in the baby’s body.

Seth Zanuto, PT

Personal Training (Central Austin)

Seth believes that strength training is primary care!

People of all shapes, sizes and ages can benefit from being stronger and most chronic pain or injuries are often the result of people not being strong enough He has a true passion for helping people, especially in a day and age where everyone is inundated with such poorly constructed and often completely false information about fitness or strength training.
He started his fitness journey at the age of 6 studying Tae Kwon Do in Brooklyn NY, and eventually transitioned into boxing and kickboxing, by the age of 19 he was already coaching competitive fighters in Brooklyn when he realized how bad the strength and conditioning information his students and athletes were operating under, and this is what prompted him to shift his interest into personal training.
He has made it his life’s work to learn about the human body, and to help others get the results that they want. He loves working with people of all ages, and athletic backgrounds or lack thereof, especially regular people and new parents/moms. Women are often the people who get the WORST information about fitness, and new moms even worse, and he wants to help empower you through reaching your fitness goals whatever they may be!
He meets you exactly where you’re at and takes a completely individual approach to working with each and every person he trains.

Marsha Stephanson

Founder of Cater to Mom & Empowered Mama Journey

Marsha is the Founder and CEO of Cater to Mom,  postpartum care subscription box. Marsha’s idea to create a care box was “birthed” out of her personal experience with postpartum depression and her desire to see other moms feel cared for in their postpartum journey.

Marsha is also the founder of Empowered Mama Journey, an organization dedicated to educating, empowering, and creating awareness of the 4th Trimester and beyond within the Austin community and surrounding areas.

You can learn more about Marsha and Cater to Mom here.

The Easeful Moma

Parenting Support

Mariah Sage helps moms take a more relaxed + easeful approach to parenting and be the mom they want to be by drowning out the noise of advice and input, and find practical parenting strategies that align with their unique family values + family culture. Mariah supports families with preparing for conscious parenting through preconception planning, healing family dynamics + behavioral concerns, setting up family systems, and improving communication and connections in your family.

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